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Localis is a Business Consulting company that assists leading organizations in improving their decision making, business operations and organizational capability through a broad range of process improvement, performance enhancement and technology implementation services. Our professionals combine extensive technical competence and industry experience with innovative and progressive thought to assist clients in improving business performance.

Consulting Services

The Localis team consists of a large pool of experts, including Business Analysts, System Designers, Application Developers and Project Managers. We offer a broad range of services, including desktop and Internet based development, Technical Architecture Studies and Strategic Consultancy.

Spatial Intelligence

Estimates are that 80% of all data has a spatial component, and can thus be analyzed spatially. Localis provides enterprise solutions that help you address your fundamental process management challenges and enable your business applications with GIS capabilities.

Product Design

Localis has ventured into product development. We have developed our own spatial asset management system, which provides its users with integrated solutions for real-time asset tracking and management. The solution includes a Fleet Management and a Workforce Management system.

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